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Everyone, homework for you!

2011-05-20 00:13:53 by queenshelby

So, I'm totally going off track here and writting a book/short story which will hopefully be published on BUT! I will also try to make it into one or a series of visual novels, exciting no?

Here is where you, the Newground-ians come in!

I need alien names. Yes, it's a space story. Inspired by Mass Effect but totally different story line and characters and alien species. Also inspired by Coneheads, F.E.A.R, and Star Wars. Yes, I like space. So please, submit some alien species names and maybe even some designs you'd like to see or willing to part with, maybe even an animal or what have you turn into an alien. So submit your stuff and please keep it clean. So no sexual stuff like the tit monster or whatever.

Thanks loves! Overlord Duke is watching and waiting :]

Everyone, homework for you!

Finally did it

2011-05-14 22:37:03 by queenshelby

I finally broke down today at the Apple store and bought myself a....(drum roll) Bamboo tablet! :D Oh yeah, so been playing around with it for the past hour or so. Haven't fully figured it out but I'll get the hang of it eventually :P

Onto the next topic, the getting of the tablet means that I can actually start the art work for the visual novel I've been working on, another yay moment! :3

Heres what I've done so far, just a doodle of my little creature I made named Mango. Enjoy!

Finally did it

Finals are here....

2011-05-03 10:52:05 by queenshelby

And they are kicking my ass.....But whatever, school will be over soon, I'll have a second job over the summer and Might actually finally get a tablet to start doing some real work on here in my spare time. Since, if anyone who follows my news may have notice(which I think is just pumpkid...Thanks for the support by the way! :3) I've been talking about a visual novel I've been working on. Well, it has stopped almost completely. I've gotten really pissed at game factory 2 and about killed my laptop after shaking it. So I'll try and start back up when I get my tablet and a better program to make visual novels since I think thats what I'll focus on.

So yeah, probably no new art, but if you haven't check out my old stuff please keep in mind I've done it all on my laptop with it's little mouse so please don't be brutal. :]

Thanks for reading loves! You've made Overlord Duke smile :D

Finals are here....

So on a side note.....

2011-03-29 17:20:21 by queenshelby

So I was chilling at home one night, I don't remember what I was watching, but this healthy living commercial sponsored by disney pops up. Normally I'd be like "F this" and switch the channel but I was too lazy to do it so I watched it. Now, just watch it and you should see why I'm upset.

Seriously? Do children not know who the first lady is? You had that one chick that is always on those stupid healthy commericals and Nick Jonas, which I only know because half of my 20 year old friends (yes, 20) are like in love with those Jonas retards, but they have no idea who their president is married to? WTF? EDUCATE YOUR CHILDREN RETARDED PARENTS!!!

So yeah, finally took the time to poke around the game factory 2 and found it to be fairly simple to use when making backgrounds and such. I've got a basic skeleton of my first game, exciting! I've gotten a name, it's called 'Lost'. But I want everyone to give me their opinon and if you want to be a part of it pm me or if you have ideas comment or pm.

So the basic plot is there is a creature in the human world. It doesn't know where it is, what it is, or how to survive or get to a home. So far there isn't a lot of story, still writing it but I've got my main character and inner conflict along with a society vs man conflict via the humans hating and fearing the creature.

If you have any ideas or even something that could make my work easier for me, please feel free to drop a message or comment!

Thanks for reading loves! Overlord Duke awaits your comments!

My game has finally gotten of the ground!

Okay, so I don't have the money for a tablet or a game/flash software cause I'm broke as hell. I really want to be a part of something here on newgrounds aside from my crappy art. So i want to put my writing skills to the test. I can do a basic layout of a game or the script of a story. Just hit me up with what you're doing or aiming for in a story line and I'll make a few sample for you or just ask me for an idea for a topic or subject and I'll do what I can.

My specials are mainly violent sci fi topics but I am flexable and have done plenty of romance, non-fictional, and even parodies so hit me up here or on my aim account.

Thanks for reading loves! You've made overlord Duke happy. v

I'm a writer looking for someone to write for...


2010-03-29 11:23:35 by queenshelby

I wanna make a flash and/or game....any one know any free websites that can help me make them or cheap programs?